Lincoln Square, Upper West Side

By: Stephen Tompkins

I ventured up to the Upper West Side to see community board 7. My major curiosity was whether anyone on the Upper West Side, where board 7 is, actually knew what the community board was.

I arrived at Mannes,  a branch of The New School to see if any students knew of the board. There was an orchestra rehearsal going on inside, so I snapped a photo of some of the students playing their instruments.

When I was leaving I met Hajir Sailors, a singer at Mannes.

“I don’t know what the hell [the community board] is! What is it?” Sailors said. He then asked if I would walk a block or so with him to a “farm,” to show me what he had plans for doing on the Upper West Side, where he lives. I did.

Grabbing a pumpkin from a fruit stand at Broadway Farm, a small fruit store on a corner,  Sailors said “I’m going to start growing pumpkins on the Upper West Side.” “No, I’m serious. I think it’s feasable,” he said.

After I met Sailors I walked to West End, and stumbled upon three elderly people sitting on a park bench. I asked if they lived in Manhattan, and they said yes. I then asked if the knew what the community board was , and they all exclaimed “No, never heard of it!”

Determined to find someone who had knowledge of the board, I approached a man riding a motorcycle. When I asked him if hew knew about the board, he said “Who the hell cares,” hopped on his motorcycle and took off.

I snapped some photos of some buildings, and churches around the Upper West Side to get a feel for its quaint, secluded feel. Please look at them!

2 responses to “Lincoln Square, Upper West Side

  1. Dear Stephen,

    You are not at Lincoln Square when you’re on 85th Street!!

    From Wikipedia: Lincoln Square is centered around the intersection of Broadway and Columbus Avenue, between West 65th and West 66th streets and has the 66th Street–Lincoln Center (IRT Broadway–Seventh Avenue Line) subway station. It is anchored by Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts.

  2. I know its not Lincoln Center specifially. That’s the name of the board, though. Check it out.

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