Councilman Mathieu Eugene for Brooklyn’s 40th District

On September 15, City Councilman Mathieu Eugene was re-elected as councilman for Brooklyn’s 40th district which encompasses Flatbush, Prospect-Lefferts, and some parts of Crown Heights. He will continue to serve at least until the completion of his term in 2014. In 2007, Eugene became the first Haitian born city council member.

In an election noted for its low turnout, Eugene received about 4,000 votes and his two top opponents totaled little over half of that. L. Rickie Tulloch, the runner up with 1,600 votes, was celebrated for his accomplishments in successfully locating a hospital providing high quality healthcare for his constituency and renaming Church Ave. as “Bob Marley Boulevard”

In 2007, during the 40th district’s first special election following the Yvette Clarke’s ascension to Congress, Eugene was asked to sign an affidavit affirming that he lived within the district. Eugene refused to sign the document. City council had not asked Eugene to sign the document until after the first special election after he had supplied the council with copies of his lease, voter registration, and utility bills. Because Eugene refused to sign the affidavit, Mayor Bloomberg called for a second special election which Eugene won again. City council allowed Eugene to be seated and said that the documentation he had provided was sufficient enough.

Eugene is steeped in academia. He received a medical degree from Universidad del Norte Este in Mexico. He also attended Notre Dame and later graduated from Regina Assumpta College.

Before being elected to the city council, Eugene worked within his community as a health expert and educator. He helped found the Youth Education and Sports program, a non-profit that uses sports as a educational tool, and the Committee for the Development of Northern Haiti, which assists recent Haitian immigrants living in Brooklyn. Eugene has also served as a member of Community Board for In-patients at Maimonides Medical Center.

According to world-renowned and celebrated journalism source, Wikipedia, Dr. Mathieu Eugene is also a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.


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