Vincent J. Gentile District 43

By: Stephen Tompkins


Vincent J. Gentile–councilman of the 43rd district (Bay Ridge, Bensonhurst, and Dyker Heights) in Brooklyn, New York, has served as a member of council in New York City since 1996. Gentile became a member of public office “when he was able to capitalize upon internal divisions within The Republican Party,” according to his Wikipedia page, and became a member of the New York State Senate in 1997, and remained there until 2002.


When in 2003, a former city councilman left office, Gentile was elected to the city council in a special election, which was held that year. Before Gentile’s time on council, he served as an Assistant District Attorney from (1985-1996) and gained hands on experience in law enforcement. Gentile presently chairs the Libraries Committee on the council, and serves on the Aging, Cultural Affairs, Finance, and Public Safety Committees, respectively.

Gentile recently appeared in the media after writing an op-ed about New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg’s new parking promises. A portion of the article read:

“[the parking promises] were too little, and way too late.”

In the article Gentile goes on to criticize Bloomberg for making other unseen promises to residents of New York City.

For Gentile, maintaining community within his District is an important aspect of preserving the Brooklyn he has known all of these years. He now supports the Bay Ridge Green Market, a program under the council on the Environment of New York City–which brings fresh vegetables, and produce to the Bay Ridge community each week from the beginning of May, until the beginning of November, on 95th st. and 3rd Ave. The market also allows local artists to showcase, and sell their work.

The Entrance to Bay Ridge Green Market

The Entrance to Bay Ridge Green Market

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