Home Is Where The Heart Is.

Chin celebrating at the Golden Unicorn in Chinatown upon her win.

Chin celebrating at the Golden Unicorn in Chinatown upon her win.

After four previous losses in the democratic primaries to represent District 1 in City Council, Margaret Chin has finally earned her victory. In last months election, she prevailed over 5 other competitors, including two-term council member, Alan Gerson, taking 40% of the total votes.

Chin took to her website to thank supports for helping her “achieve victory.” Not only as the sole Asian woman in City Council but also as the first Asian to represent Chinatown. This success is largely a result of the high voter turnout in District 1, especially in Chinatown and the Lower East Side, where Chin is admired as a true community representative.

NYC District 1

Having been a District 1 resident since 1963, when she moved with her family from Hong Kong to Chinatown, Chin can  serve District 1 as more than just a mouthpiece in City Council. She’s advocated for the rights of the public her entire career, focusing on issues like affordable housing, immigration, safety, education, living costs, and preservation of history in neighborhoods. Chin helped to form and has served on committees promoting equal rights, like Asian Americans for Equality and the NY Immigration Coalition. Holding the belief that government should be accessible to everyone, Chin makes clear on her website that she wants to work together with District 1 residents to help them make the changes they need.  As Chin puts it, “I am your neighbor, and I understand your problems at a personal level.”


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