“Cleaning the city that never sleeps”

dsnyLiving in a city with over 6,000 miles of streets and a population 8.36million, do you ever wonder how New York stays (relatively) clean? The New York Department of Sanitation (DSNY) collects refuse, recyclable materials, clears snow and ice, debris from vacant lots and abandoned vehicles. According to the New York City Council, the DSNY collects approximately 11,800 tons of household and institutional waste daily.

dsny  tonnage

According to the City Council website, “The Department allocates weekly truck and tonnage targets to each of its 59 districts.” The DSNY says they have invested in new machinery and vehicles to expedite cleaning up the city. “In FY [fiscal year] 2005, the Department assigned approximately 5,150 trucks each week to collect 54,200 tons of curbside residential refuse and assigned 400 EZ-Pack and Roll-on/Roll-off containerized trucks to collect an additional 7,300 tons.”

Current DSNY commissioner is John J. Doherty has been in office since 2002. Doherty, who began working for the DSNY in 1960, served as commissioner from 1994-1998 before taking a three-year sabbatical, and returning to fill his current position as 42nd Commissioner. Doherty has been indoherty the news in the past for taking longer, and costing the city more than anticipated closing a landfill in Staten Island. He was also in the news in 2006, because Bloomberg proposed giving him a pension, whilst Doherty was still receiving his salary.

The board is comprised uniformed officers, and does not appear to have any female members.

As the end of the year draws near, the budget for the upcoming year has been proposed. The DSNY executive budget for the 2010 Fiscal year is $1.30Billion. The breakdown indicates that 275 jobs will be cut to accommodate the new budget. The City Council puts the workforce for 2008 at 9,725 people, this number includes Uniformed and Civilian employees. A compilation done by Baruch College, puts the number at 9,802. In the breakdown of the budget, the 2010 the Executive Budget accounts for a workforce of 9,450.

Mayor Bloomberg, in a message to the agency, said the DSNY is central to the way the city is perceived. “As our city moves forward, I know that I can count on the dedicated men and women of the DSNY to meet the challenge of keeping the Big Apple shining each and every day.”

For more information on the Department of Sanitation visit: http://nyc.gov/html/dsny/html/home/home.shtml

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