Halloween in New York City 2009 :)

Mr. T is walking my way and I’m terrified! He is walking to the ‘N’ train in Union Square as if he and the A-Team are headed to beat down a criminal at large. His bulky muscles, greased mohawk and gold chains are as intimidating as a wild bear headed towards you in the woods. But I approach him anyways.

“Hey Mr. T, can I get a photo of you?” I asked.

“Sure,” he replied in a less intimidating voice. And he was on his way.

Welcome to Halloween in New York City–where the craziest city in the world gets… a little crazier!

Mr. T
Mr. T? Close enough!
Here is the night in pictures.

A crazy woman who said she would cast a spell on me if I didn't pet Esmerelda, her FAKE Raven.

holy shit

Dressed as "Holy Shit"


A cop avoiding the rain

people on balcony

People watching the NYC Halloween parade from their balcony

shark attack

Shark attack costume


I was going to be Wario for Halloween and couldn't. My costume would have been much better. OK, I'm bitter.

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