Rumor of the Day: Thompson as Senator

Bill Thompson (NYDaily News)

After his surprisingly close defeat to Mayor Michael Bloomberg during the New York City Mayor election, Bill Thompson has piqued the interest of fellow Democrats who believe he may have a shot New York’s US Senate seat  in 2010.

Bronx Representative Jose Serrano told Daily News that he had suggested that Thompson was a viable candidate to unseat Senator Kristin Gillabrand who was appointed to the position when Hillary Clinton was named Secretary of State.

“Billy Thompson obviously is the kind of public servant who not only who serves the public well but has proven he doesn’t need a lot of money to do well in an election,” Serrano told the Daily News. “He would be a formidable candidate statewide anytime.”

The Daily News said that top Democrats believe the White House, which had protected Gillibrand in the past, would be willing to endorse Thompson because they didn’t during his Mayor campaign. The unnamed source said that the White House would be unwilling to twice snub the candidate, but didn’t elaborate any further.

Gillibrand’s only challenger right now is Jonathan Tasini, who lost to then Senator Clinton in the 2oo6 primary.

Thompson has said that he hasn’t ruled out running for any office, not even New York City mayor in 2013.

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