Bob Kerrey’s Daily News Editorial


Did anyone know that this was something he does every once in a while?

What we owe our warriors: Medal of Honor winner Bob Kerrey says don’t get carried away with fervor

By Bob Kerrey

Wednesday, November 11th 2009, 4:00 AM

Today, at least, we remember what we need to. We honor those who serve, with special attention this year paid to those killed or wounded in the line of duty at Fort Hood, Tex. Today every one of us from the President on down will express broken hearts and sincere grief for the pain these losses have bequeathed the surviving families and friends.

Most of the time we make too little of what it means to be a veteran. We are busy with our lives. Or we are part of the growing fraction of Americans who have never been in the military and so we simply do not know.

Read the rest here.


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