With all studying, working, and traveling around the city that Manhattan college students do, some might consider all the running around to count as daily exercise. While and an article featured in The NY Times last July, said Manhattan residents are the thinnest New Yorkers, the importance of proper exercise goes beyond staying thin. (http://www.nytimes.com/2009/07/23/nyregion/23slim.html?_r=2&scp=1&sq=where%20thin%20people%20roam&st=cse)

As twenty-three year old, Holistic Health Counselor, Kayleigh Pleas, argues, this is particualry true for college students as there’s no way students can stay as mentally sharp as they need to be in this frenetic city if they’re not truly up to par physically as well.

“You don’t have total wellness without a mind and body connection. They’re integrally connected together,” says Pleas. “Stress, strain, self criticism fade away as you connect to energy and physical prowess. You come to appreciate your body for its utility.”

Some students might argue they don’t have the time to exercise, New School students in particular because the university doesn’t offer an on campus gym or provide students with access to another workout facility. However, Pleas knows first hand about the busy schedules college students have as she moved to New York just two years ago after graduating with a psychology degree from Boston College to pursue her career in mind/body exercise. Throughout her undergraduate studies, she simultaneously worked as a Pilates and Yoga instructor.

“It’s especially important for college students to exercise because when you move mindfully you come to recognize a deeper strength, a potential strength. A strength you carry out of the studio [Excersice] and into daily life in the city,” said Pleas.

With all the flashing lights, advertisements, taxi-cabs, and noise that cloud the city, the benefit of taking at least thirty minutes a day to exercise exceeds keeping a healthy body, it means clearing ones mind of the busy city too.

“Exercise is really a gift you give to yourself here,” said Pleas. “You get to be present to yourself, change your body, and get in touch. That’s so vital.” In this city, who couldn’t use that.

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