NYC Economy Plummets as Crime Soars

An inebriated homeless man is arrested on 9th street and avenue A after allegedly attacking a woman in public. He proceeded to lie in the middle of the street until his friends dragged him back onto the sidewalk. Although no one was seriously injured, crimes in neighborhoods all over New York City have been hit by a spike violence, robberies, and rapes in the past year alone.

In the past three years the nation-wide economic decline has reached an all-time low, causing an increase in the amount of street violence throughout many NYC boroughs. According to recent NYPD statistics, “Murders jumped 24.7% to 111 from 89 during the first three months of 2007 compared with the year ago period. Rapes were up 13.8% and robberies rose 4.5%”

Budget cuts have also left the Police Department with just under 37,000 officers— the smallest force in 15 years. A recent NY Post article claims that downtown Manhattan is the most targeted area:  Since 2008 assaults in Greenwich Village have increased 43 percent increase so far, the East Village has seen a 27.7 percent rise, and the Lower East Side has experienced 30 percent hike in assaults.


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