Moses Apparition Causes Traffic on the Verrazano Bridge

By: Stephen Tompkins

A Crowd of people gather around Moses' ghost

Early on November 15 a crowd formed in the center of the Verrazano Bridge in New York City’s Bay Ridge. Passersby gasped as the ghost of Robert Moses stood in the middle of the road blocking traffic. Moses emerged from a fog underneath the bridge.

The fog from which Moses emerged

“This is incredible,” Mark Wahlberg (The Italian Job, Fear) said. “I go to Staten Island every day and I’ve never seen anything like this!”

The ghost of Moses called upon the forming audience and asked if they would help him reign over New York City once again and implied that he would be running against Michael Bloomberg in the next mayoral election.

“I will work for 50 cents a year,” Moses said. “And I will give New York City residents affordable living.”

In the blink of an eye Moses was gone, but he left something on the ground. The sun glimmered off of the object laying lone in the middle of the road, making it hard to see.

“Pick it up,” someone shouted.

I inched closer to the object and saw that it was in fact, a copy of The Power Broker.

The Power Broker lying in the middle of the Verrazano Bridge

Mark Wahlberg stepped in front of me and grabbed the book. He ran away, all the while yelling that he was quitting acting and going into urban development.


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