Spot Photos: Two NYU Student Protesters Arrested

Maria Lewis, NYU student, is escorted to a squad car by police officers.

On November 19, a group of New School students and some NYU students held a solidarity demonstration for student protesters in UC campuses across California. When they began dragging trash cans into the street and obstructing the flow of traffic, police exited their cars to apprehend some of the protesters.

Maria Lewis and Drew Phillips, both NYU students, are wrestled to the ground by police officers. A man named Alex is pressed against a truck. He was not arrested. Another protester in the background tries to communicate to Lewis and Phillips.

A police officer grabs Drew Phillips and wrestles him to the ground. Other protesters in the background try to aid Phillips.

Protesters carried a boom box with them playing songs ranging from "Empire State of Mind" by Jay-Z to "Du Hast" by Rammstein.

Protesters began dancing when they arrived in Union Square. A Washington Square News photographer can be seen crouching in the background. The blonde man with a black bandana in the background is Drew Phillips who was later arrested.

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