Repainting Bedford Bikelanes

Occupyeverything, a youtube user or users, seems to have become to documentarian of minor activist revelry throughout the city. They recorded the Nov. 19 demonstration near Washington Square where two NYU students were arrested. Two weeks later they recorded another two arrests in a Times Square anti-war protest.

When I asked Occupyeverthing how he or she is able to be at every minor direct action, he or she e-mailed back, “Pure luck.”


One response to “Repainting Bedford Bikelanes

  1. Whoa, I was just about to post the whole NY Times piece when I saw this post!

    The Post covered it too, in their own Post-y way…white people on bikes must be hipsters, right?

    I had no idea “occupyeverything” was involved in this. I’m glad they’re calling attention to the issue, but I hope there’s no glowstick dancing outside the Shomrim Patrol station.


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