Forget NYC, its NYS… New York Skateboarding

Skateboarding Under the Brooklyn Bridge. Photo:

It’s no secret that the urban environment of New York City is a hotbed for skateboarders. Anyone with two eyes (some of the people with one eye, too) who has been run over by one has taken note. The architecture of the city was seemingly built for woodpushers. Some of the most well known ledges and handrails that were built for corporate America to push their fears to the limit while getting a bit of their teenage angst out while grinding the edges off of.

Skateboarders look at the world differently than anyone else. Where you see a spot to drink coffee on Wall St. during your break from crunching numbers, a skateboarder sees a skate spot to film their next video part, or to break their next bone.

When a skateboarder finds that perfect spot it is hard to let everyone know about it for fear of police becoming hot to the spot. Luckily for those people whose eyes aren’t so keen to this outlook, there is a website, created mapping all of the skate sots in New York City Imaginable.

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